Live Cam Painting_Atertain_2016

“Live Cam Painting” consists of two aspect; painting as performance and the final result of documenting what is going on the other side of the world simultaneously. People in somewhere on the planet capture their every day life through online on live and thousands of random people watch their routines at the same time. I set a projector and have the live video projected on a canvas to paint. As the screen shows what is happening on the other side, I bring the imagery on canvas spontaneously as people on the website move.
In my current project “ The Purpose of Memory :The Live Painting”, I capture someone’s private life that they intentionally expose on a public website. Every moment become a memory immediately and the memories that are projected on canvas. As I see the memories on the canvas, I perform to paint to capture these memories of moments that are combined with my own interpretation.

Live  Cam Painting  oil on canvas  193.3x112.1cm  2016

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